Google Marketing Podcast – Return on ROI Ep 01 CONTINUED

Ad Groups.

So the account is really your company’s account that’s associated with a unique email address (and you cannot have multiple accounts with the same email address, by the way), your password, and your billing information, so there’s going to be a company credit card. Is it a personal credit card? What is it? Is it going to be a check? There are multiple ways that Google will take payment. Each ad campaign is under the main account; so you have account that is on top that’s listed to one email address and has multiple campaign. Each campaign has its own budget and settings that determine where your ads appear. I mentioned this a little bit earlier, but specifically, there are two different networks. There is the Google Search network (a little bit of what you’re expecting) and the display network, which is a set of other websites which you’re connected and contracting with Google to be able to show your ad.

So they bring a completely new, exciting, and larger target market for you to be able to do this. This is a little bit more advanced, so I suggest that you dig into the search network a little bit in the beginning. It’s a little bit easier to over-find on the Google Search network than the display network, but it is an awesome opportunity for you to be able to move forward as well. Finally, there’s the Ad Group itself, which is based around the theme. I mentioned before, for the dentist example, that within dentistry, there are a lot of different focuses and themes. For example, in cosmetic dentistry, maybe there is something specific to TMJ or teeth whitening. So within a particular Ad Group, they consist of similar ads and the key words- which are the words and phrases that people are searching -as well as the negative key words.

And this is really important. IOf you don’t want to just waste money, you make sure you have negative key words associated with your account. If you’re presently running a Google AdWords account, and you have no negative key words, you are losing a lot of money. Contact us. Look on our website; there is going to be a link to use basic negative key words to immediately apply to your account. And if you were even remotely close to having a good ROI, then implementing negative key words is going to be the next step. It’s going to be incredible how negative key words will help you grow your business or pay the instruments you need, to make sure that it is profitable instead of very, very unprofitable. So a collection of Ad Groups forms a campaign. Once again, the account has within it campaigns, and within each campaign has a collection of Ad Groups. Ad Groups are a bundle of related ads with related key words to show those ads that are relevant in the searches of the people you’re trying to reach.

So let me take it from the other side; if we we’re once again talking about cosmetic dentistry,let’s say that we choose cosmetic dentistry in Rancho Sta. Margarita, California. So Rancho Sta. Margarita is often typed as “RSM,” so we might choose just four or five different keywords on cosmetic dentistry: “RSM, Rancho Sta. Margarita cosmetic dentistry, best cosmetic dentist RSM,” and you’ll notice that all of these phrases I’m using were all related around different synonyms for cosmetic dentistry. Some of the negative key words that we would associate with this particular theme of Ad Group would be the following:
“Jobs:” We don’t want anything where people are looking for cosmetics in this job.
“Education:” We’re not interested in people typing or clicking and costing us money looking to learn how to be in the cosmetic dentistry field.
We will talk about that as well a little bit later. Finally, I’ll give you some general ideas.

Google AdWords within your account can be huge. You can have as many as 10,000 campaigns. Once again, one account, 10,000 campaigns (including all that are active and paused). Within each campaign, you can have 20,000 Ad Groups, and within each Ad Group, you can have up to 50 ads. And once again, ads at this point, are 80 testing. You might tweak one word between each add, just to find out whether or not that particular ad gets a better reception. All these things are really important related to the campaign level, and once again, we all go back to the start where we’re trying to figure out what we’re selling, so that we know that our key words are relevant to that.

So we know our negative key words are relevant. We know that our ads are relevant to that particular theme, and then what we’re trying to do with the highest level is generate lead. We’re trying to reduce the sales cycle, acquire new business, and grab people at their most appropriate part of the sales process, and that can be varied depending on how complicated your sales cycles are. So we’ll talk a little bit more of it, but we also want to…