When it comes to competition on the web, there are billions (with a capital B) of pages you might have to compete with for attention.

If you find a niche, you can get down to hundreds of thousands and a really good niche night be hundreds of pages.

However, right now consider the fact that video has just a small percentage of the same amount of content as text pages and you realize the contest is easier.

Not only do people in general respond better to video due to the potential interaction, the search engine boost has great opportunities for your consideration.

The next time you are searching for a service near you, and you get a couple of hits (I was reviewing websites for fountain repairs yesterday) think about what you would think if they had video for you.

What could they have done in 30 seconds or a minute that would have given themselves instant credibility over their competition with you?

Now, take that same critical thinking and look at your website. What question(s) do your potential viewers have you could answer with video?

Now, think about answering some of those questions with a quick video. It does not have to be you directly, you can quickly create a small presentation, or show images.

Finally, there are many websites which will help you serve your video’s including the biggest (Youtube) and Vimeo.com.

Consider the effort, and the implications and see whether you might want to consider adding video to your mix.  There are a substantial amount of FAQ’s on the internet, and plenty of free to inexpensive software tools to help you get the job done.

Also, for sales people, consider creating a video to answer all of the ‘basic’ questions which most prospects ask.  You will save yourself time, and start the conversation with the prospect (potentially) while you sleep.