Dovie T.V.I believe that one of the strengths of American’s is our desire to do more with less.  Less time, less money, less headaches, less aggravation, less effort … you get the picture.


I was able to get a pre-release demo from J.R. at a few months ago.  Personally, I used Vimeo for my video streaming at that time and was wondering what these guys might have up their sleeve.

For sales reasons, I need HTML 5 (not Flash) media on my websites so that I can quickly and easily use the Apple iPad to do demo’s wherever I am.  I have been working on translating the Flash media over, however; that is a small pain and frankly something I would rather outsource, so I was quick to learn more about a service which might have that opportunity for me.

What I received, however; was so much more.

The short answer is is an ipTV play in a box.  It allows you to create a very branded, very easy to use video streaming service which handles much of the drudgery of media translation, media distribution infrastructure (streaming concerns) and integration with marketing and sales for you.

I personally have no desire to put my video’s on youtube at this time.  While I will not argue that the solution has many benefits (and for some businesses, and huge upside), I do not like to have my content consumed and branded by others.

My sales process is a little unique.  I desire it to stay that way.  After going through the demo with J.R., I believe that  has just offered me a new and very compelling sales play where I can make an offer to local (and not so local) Chambers of Commerce to provide their members with training as an opportunity to (very easily) create advertisements to viewers to my other services.

The presentation market just went 3008, so to speak.

I have a huge interest in and believe that they are going to have a very, very significant play.  I suggest you find out more about this very compelling sales and marketing tool for your company.

Drop me a line if you would like to know more about what I am doing with