Good Presentations Often Hide Poor SEO Processes

MINI Cooper at the beach - Copyright Mark JordanSelling a vehicle is a pretty complex process.  From the marketing and branding of the dealership, through the efforts to attract attention through Radio, Newspaper, Television, Pay Per Click, Organic Search Engine efforts to Sales people hiring and presentation through final negotiation.

None of these pieces should be accomplished in a vacuum, and this is true with Internet Marketing efforts as well.

Effectively, proper Organic SEO is a well thought out strategic and tactical effort to drive potential customers from search and PPC advertising to professionally copy written landing pages on dealers’ website through to appropriate pages to satisfy sales efforts to encourage customers calling Internet Sales desk or visiting dealerships in person.

If these efforts are not considered as a singular process, but rather as individual tasks there will be a breakdown in the effectiveness of the efforts and the money, time and effort spent to accomplish the marketing will be substantially wasted.

Recently, a General Manager I spoke with explained how the vendor pitching them for their business ‘stopped’ their efforts when it came to providing content, updates or support for on-site pages.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.

There are two reasons, form a business perspective, why you might not want to have the SEO be a team effort but rather ‘stop’ their efforts when it touches the dealers website.

It is all about the Invoice

The first reason is billable.  The service provide needs to make a profit, and they are using a very standard model of either internal or external outsourcing to accomplish your SEO support.

This is the Wal-Mart method.  Basically, send all of your effort to India, Russia, Phillipines with a couple of contacts here in the states.  Works well enough to get work going, but is NOT a competing effort.  You will never win against a good competitor this way.  We, or someone similar to us, will eat your lunch every time.

To be fair, you might not have the budget to work with a team like ours.  If this is the case, then you will need to at least go with some team to help you and (most times) something is better than nothing – provided they are not working with black-hat methods which could ban your website from the search engines.

No Talent

The second reason a company might not wish to touch a dealer’s website is a lack of talent on their staff.  There are a substantial amount of Content Management System(s) which exist, relationships to work with and personalities to deal with when touching the client’s website.

However; you can’t win if you either don’t work on the website or work as a solid team with the on-site person responsible for the website.


In order for both PPC and Organic SEO to work, there must be communication and decisions between the people responsible for marketing outbound, inbound, website and external SEO activities.  Sometimes, one person or a small team are responsible for multiple activities, communication and respect is vital for the most effective solutions to be accomplished.

There is never a disconnected handoff with any of the processes while implementing the on-going marketing efforts and tactics for a dealer.  Should one exist, there will be negative repercussions in the results of the effort and will create potential risk both efforts will be at odd’s with each other.


SEO Tactics Fall 2012

Internet SEO tactics and strategies are changing continuously – the Internet is the ultimate business cage match and the automobile arena can be one of the most brutal out there.

Similar to “location, location, location” which is the mantra for Real Estate, for the Internet we say “content, content, content”.

However; not just any content, and not just content thrown out there with great expectations but little or weak support.

Therefore, you and your dealership need to concern yourself with the quality of both the content (and variety, relevance etc) of the content you are placing on your dealer website, as well as what the Internet Marketing team (either internal or external) are promoting out on the Internet for you.

In future articles, we will discuss how to work and consider some of the tactics to work on your website.