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Your Google Adwords campaign can be reaching out to customers in minutes, catching the attention of those seeking your dental services.  No other marketing methods can be so focused so quickly.

Google Adwords allows you to be reaching out to those who are seeking your services TODAY!

With the Google Adwords Foundation Dental Series products, you cut the time to a successful campaign by implementing researched keywords working for other Dentists around the nation.

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You are in business to be a Dentist, not a marketing expert.  Let Google Adwords help you bring in new clients using the power of search advertising.  Let Simple Steps IT help you do it right the first time.

Save your practice time, money and lost patients by setting up your Adwords efforts a solid foundation to grow and reach those patients who are searching for your services today.

With the Google Foundation Series, Simple Steps IT provides you with the services and product that help you grow your practice.  We have the Dental Focused solutions to start your practice growing today!

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Like Having Insurance Before You Get Started

Protect YOUR Budget!

The cost(s) associated with implementing an Adwords campaign is derived from how many clicks your ad receives.  In order to get the absolute best ROI on your Google Adwords campaign, you MUST have a robust Negative Keyword list.

Negative Keywords keep your expenses lower, help your Quality Score (your Click Through Rate stays higher) and your ROI exceeds any adwords campaign without Negative Keywords every single time.

All of our Foundation series products are thoroughly researched saving you time, money and frustration.  Our Dental Exam Niche product has over 200 Negative Keywords alone!

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