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Think About a Chief Marketing Technologist

There is a new role which needs to be recognized in companies.  It is the role of a Chief Marketing Technologist.  This person will work with both the Marketing and Sales team, and the technology group to help all in their capacities.  How?  By making sure all three groups are working together with the appropriate (not always the latest cutting edge – it cuts both ways) technology to help:

  • Bring more awareness to prospects for less investment
  • Reduce the sales cycle and increase the closing rate
  • Use cost effective and risk reducing technologies appropriately – well vetted against the capabilities and desires of the Marketing and Sales teams and the infrastructure, budget and skills in the I.T. group.

It doesn’t help to bring in new technology if there will be too much resistance from the users (too hard to use, I don’t want to spend all of my time creating records, I just want to sell…).  The role of the Chief Marketing Technologist is to create a successful implementation BEFORE the rollout.

Therefore, typically the CMT will have worked with Marketing and Sales effectively to enable their teams through education, enablement and success on a small scale before IT get’s involved.

However; he or she will also have made sure that the technology will not cause undue issues with I.T. if it gets implemented company wide.

The New Future Is Here – Will Your Company Lead or Follow?

There hasn’t been any doubt the Internet changed everything for either good or bad.  Now, your company sits at the next wave of change where mobile internet will decidedly make another significant change to your marketing, sales and technology efforts.

If you care to take market share from your competitors, make sure you are doing what you can to get involved now by impolementing solutions with these technologies.

I would recommend creating a team which of those internally who are excited to move forward with those who are pragmatic about budgets and implementation issues.  Decide on a process which has a metric you can define and implement a pilot project to test your solution.

These can be simple enough to start and have the opportunity to expand and create objective sales benefits sooner, rather than later.

Your company will either lead, or learn how to follow.