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How Can Technology Help Me With This?

First, the strategy needs to be in place to understand what your company is trying to accomplish with marketing, and how the sales effort works within the business.  From there, you start thinking about the effort(s) it takes, and the sales cycle time necessary to accomplish your goals and the metrics you have to confirm whether your changes have helped, or hindered.

Next step is to discuss ways which the new technologies can help you reduce the sales cycle time, or increase awareness, or build rapport with your dealership without spending six figures and getting your business on track with the technologies which will become the default way of doing business whether you are ready, or not.

For example, need more awareness?  Write blog posts focused with the correct key phrases your local customers are searching for.  It doesn’t help you any if you or your outsourced vendor are writing for key phrases which work for the country as a whole, and are not pointed to the local communities where your customers live.  Use PR simultaneously to take the results to the next level.

How about when your post is written, it automatically tweets and updates your Facebook page?  Using Social Marketing doesn’t have to take all of your time, but it will take some.  Read my post describing an automated marketing solution which helps you do more with less time and effort.

Have you setup a Content Management System to allow others in the organization to become empowered to reach out and deliver conversations quickly and effectively?  If not, you will be swamped by the dealership which has.

Have you integrated ways to make sure the customer knows you care about them?  Have you considered teaching new car buyers the ‘tricks’ of purchasing a new car?  On Video? Read my article on Relationships and think about how Video can enable you to do more with less.

You might as well be up front with them, they will find out anyway.  The newest generation of car buyers will use all of the tools to find the best prices and become aware of the tactics the industry is using to stay ‘profitable’.

It is time to be transparent and in doing so, you earn new customers trust before they ever open your dealership’s door.

If I come into your dealership, already having a level of trust due to efforts out in the Internet, or recommendation from my friends, your sales cycle time is cut in half and your closings go up.

Less effort, more sales.

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