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First, It is about Trust

Other than lawyers, I believe auto salespeople have one of the worst credibility issues in our society.

Is it deserved?  Often it is.  However; I believe that most of the dealerships in our country are inappropriately smeared by the tactics of the few.

There are studies which say 1 in 4 typical buyers want nothing to do with a sales person.  It isn’t a trust issue, it is simply how they are wired.  These individuals feel a need to have all of their research and review done without the help (or bother) of another human in the mix.  They will come into the store / business / location already aware of what they want, and how much they want to pay.

I’ve done a little subjective research (I asked automotive professionals who work with customers every day) and their opinion is for automotive purchases, it is closer to 1 in 2.

That is almost double the normal percentage.

Why?  Typically, it is either a bad experience personally or from advice from those who have received bad sales services themselves.  The industry has allowed themselves to be framed this way.

How Do You Change Old Methods for New?

First, you recognize that the world has changed with Internet and Mobile now becoming the predominant medium of advertising, conversation starters and relationships.

This isn’t to say radio, television and newspapers are now still valuable, however; do you believe in 10 years they will be as significant?  Do you want your business to be a powerhouse in 10 years?

If you do, then it is a simple decision that you need to become not only aware of how to use the new tools, but proficient in their use and masters of using the tools to increase the rapport with customers up and down the value chain.

So, make your decision.

Once you have made the decision, you need to learn.  Whether this means you read books, take classes, or hire the experience to educate your team and help you implement winning solutions is your decision.

(Continued in Part 2)