Modified Theme for SFS

On Wednesday, January 20th Simple Steps I.T. started working with Strategies For Success (Houston,  Tx).  We will change their website from their existing provider and content management system (CMS), over to HostGator as the new provider and using SimpleStepsIT.Com best practices for his content management system.

(You can get a FREE download of these best practices by clicking on the How-To Guides at the top of the website and downloading the “Your Business Online” eBook).

Mark Miller, President of Strategies For Success (a Sandler Sales Institute Franchisee) based in Houston, Tx is looking to cut his hosting costs by 50% this year and simultaneously enhance his companies ability to edit the website themselves.

Simple Steps I.T. will work to change the DNS settings with their existing provider and make sure that Mark’s company is up on email and his website is working quickly and cleanly.

New Hosting Company, New Content Management System, 50% reduced cost in hosting, Customer is able to update their own website increasing their savings and ability to get their clients information faster… 5 days …. Priceless!