Google Kills 30% of the Links on Page 1


Automotive SEO for MINI Cooper ResultsMost Internent Markets know that being in the ‘Big 10’ (first page in Google) is the first milestone with any Organic Ranking Effort.  Typically, producing a top 7 result would guarantee you an effort as effective as any Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign.

Now, Google has significantly changed the rules, again, by limiting the results to just 7 on a page when they consider the search term a ‘navigational or brand’ key phrase.

According to a commenter on , their research showed that approximately 24% of all searches were of this type.


Why did Google do this?


The argument is that since so many people are either lazy, or don’t remember the link for major websites they use Google as a quick cheat to get there.  For example, have you ever Googled “Facebook” just to go to

You can see from the screenshot above, that if a customer is looking to find a MINI Cooper (a brand search term) then they will recieve one of these reduced listing pages.

If the MINI Cooper website is what they truly wanted (and the idea is at least 1 in 4 did want this website) then Google just made their experience better by giving them not only the main link, but supporting links inside the website in case they already know, for example, that they are looking for the MINI Owner’s Lounge.


How Does This Affect My Dealership?


This will both help and hurt your dealership by either limiting your competitions ability to rank on the same page as your links, or limit your dealerships ability to rank on the same page when trying to compete with them.

The rule-of-Thumb here at Simple Steps I.T. has been that we use PPC for any key phrases we need to compete on which are lower than result # 7 until we can get those results above #7.  At that time, we look to see if, due to budget, we might need to either reduce the spend, or temporarily stop those key phrases in our PPC campaign since we are receiving clicks for our organic efforts.

We will be reviewing the results of this over the next few weeks to see how this affects our Internet Marketing (IM) efforts.  I’m sure you are just as competitive as we are and really have no desire to be in anything but first place.  While Google’s efforts and focus are on helping their business increase income (and I am a FIRM believer that income was a significant reason for this modification) it is wasted energy to gripe, complain or rant at the heavens.

Remember, the Internet is the fastest and most brutal business arena which exists.  Those companies which think they ‘got it’ most likely just got their head handed to them.  Due to changes like this, and the constant efforts of your competitors you need to be testing and researching all of the time to keep afloat.

Neither PPC nor Organic SEO is a complete solution, however; it is a significant solution for keeping your Dealership first in the mind of the customer, and to continue those leads coming into your website.

If you have any questions about getting on track, and beating your competition on the web, give us a call here at Simple Steps I.T. – Your IM Consulting, Research and Implementation Group at 909-705-6362.