Support your local Automotive Salesperson – with 360 Degree Video and Automotive SEO


You have heard all about it… Words sell, Pictures sell better, Video sells your cars the best of all.

Yet, it can be difficult to really build a quality video sales effort on-line for your car dealership.

If you believe the “studies that have shown”, 360 degree video sells an estimated 15-50% better over them all. However; if our typical dealership is having problems producing video now, how are we supposed to get 360 degree video produced and on our websites to help sell more cars?

A few video SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Factoids:



Video is 50 times more likely to appear in page 1 on Google (source: Forrester).

Google provides nearly 40% of traffic to online video content (from Tubemogal).

Website pages with video included are a little over 41% more visible in search results (source Aimclear).


CupChair 360 degree product views for your Auto Dealership SEO

Thanks to a new product out of Israel and their online service, you can create pretty detailed 360 degree pictures of YOUR cars, on YOUR lot with YOUR automobile dealership branding rather easy.

While the video talks about doing this with an i-Phone, the relevant comment in the article is almost at the very bottom:

Don’t have an iPhone? No worries, it works using photos taken with a normal digital camera as well – just go to RotaryView to process the pictures.

So, get your favorite camera and a great location with one of your car models (this doesn’t have to be taken on all of your new cars, just have each model represented).

The service isn’t free, but considering the savings in time and effort, not to mention the boost in possible traffic to your website and increased sales, it is a “secret” that you will want to do sooner, rather than later.


CupChair App by RotaryView


How do I use this for my Dealer SEO?


Tips and Tactics for your Automotive Dealership Website SEO:


1) Create an area on your website which has a parent page (located on the menu) to host the Brand and Year (for Example: “BMW 2013 360 Degree Video’s”.

When the customer clicks here, they are sent to the page titled “YYYY-BRAND-360-Degree-Video”.

2) On this page, you need to create the necessary on-page SEO tags, one image and paragraph written up with a link to the video hosting platform (You-Tube is you have permission from corporate).

Remember: If you are on YouTube to correctly spell out the link BACK to your Dealer website within the description.  YouTube WILL allow you to create a hyper-link, however; it will be a No-Follow link (still valuable, just not as much).

If you cannot host on YouTube, consider

3) Put out a Press Release for EACH VIDEO YOU CREATE.  You need to write the videos and push get them distributed.  If you need help, contact us at 909-705-6362 to discuss.

4) Once you have the Press-Releases sent, wait at least 3-5 days before doing a drip campaign with bookmarks, then social, finally a web 2.0 effort.  Make sure you have researched the appropriate key-phrases before you write any content, and you are tracking the efforts.

While video is ‘easier’ to rank for, you are not the only dealer climbing this hill.


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