Introduction and Overview: The Internet and Interaction (and your Dealership)


MINI Cooper on Beach by Mark JordanThe twenty first century is all about innovation and the Internet is proof enough. With it, boundaries have been taken down and ties have been built. The Internet has brought numerous benefits but one that may not have been predicted was its use as a tool for interaction between customers and businesses.  Specifically your auto dealership and car buyers.

Since people are curious creatures, it is easy to understand how we came to utilize the Internet to fill its curiosity. If at first, the World Wide Web served the purpose of virtual library, today, it has been transformed into a two-way form of communication. This type of interaction is much more interesting than simply reading through texts, watching videos or listening to taped messages.

As a platform for two-way interaction, people became more engaged, if not more engaged – exchanging ideas with each other via the various platforms of social media. Though, social media did not rise alongside the spread of the World Wide Web. Instead, it took quite a longer time for the concept to be developed and before people took notice. And yet, being viral as it is, social media is almost synonymous to Internet nowadays.

If one is wondering, how did this come to be, the answer will take one back to the basic reason how people became interested with Internet in the first place – connectivity.

The concept of social media is basic, it simply converted daily interactions into virtual reality. It utilizes an intangible platform into something that can actually launch something. Sounds unrealistic, right?

Simply said, it is not very complicated, it is available and it is what is current. Social media is a world of its own, it has redefined the meaning of interaction and reality.

Come to think of it, such concepts were simply depicted in futuristic hollywood movies before and yet, how easily that concept became reality. Therefore, social media presented connectivity in a realm that was only thought off and oddly it has only shown that things happen in the real time too.


Why Is Social Media So Powerful?

Social media is an established realm and has attracted millions of individuals because it is rich – there is a wealth of information within the Internet and with social media, it has been transformed anew. The information that comes with it is easy to use, free to use and can be manipulated into however an individual wants to use it.

That is why there is no single concept as to why or how social media became powerful. In reality, there are different reasons that catapulted the appreciation and utilization of social media in the society today.



The most basic reason behind the success of the social media lies in the fact that it exists on a platform that has already been established. The Internet is available in almost all countries, whether a person is a citizen of a first world nation or a poor country, they have access to the Internet. The usage of Internet is rampant and not one person remains ignorant of the World Wide Web.

The expanse that one can enjoy with the Internet is embedded in social media as well. The accessibility is enough explanation why it is powerful. Unlike other forms of media, social media, takes in a form that is faced with lesser restrictions. Unlike paper, the Internet has farther reach and less complicated than having to buy an actual newspaper itself.



Aside from availability, social media is increasingly becoming popular because of the content. The Internet is more than a gold mine of knowledge, there are a lot of things to do while surfing the Internet and so every other person will never get bored while logged in on the Internet. The content is rich and varied, it is not biased, condescending or restricted. It is plainly available.

The substance does not center on one topic alone but is available on all levels as well.

Availability and content are the two strongest points, which propelled social media into mainstream. But these are not the only reasons why it has become influential, though. There exist other reasons too like: presence, relationships and conversations.



Social media became a thing for now because it is a personal account. The content that you browse or read are not delivered to you just because of some random reason but because they are your reasons. One delves itself into the world of the Internet because he or she chose to do so. So is the case in creating an account with social networks as well.

One of the more powerful branches of social media is the social networking, it has become popular not because people are simply talking about it but because people are actually signing up for the various social networking sites.

Mark Jordan MINI Cooper and Basketball


Relationships on the Internet exists after creating an account, after a person has made his or herself known in the World Wide Web. A person can be a brother, a sister or a workmate on the net. These relationships can be personal, detached or based on a lie. These are all relationships that can only be created via the social media.  Consider how this plays out between your sales people and your potential customers?



This is yet another effect of the actualization of an account. This is actually what “humanizes” the social media. It gives reality to the virtual account, relationships can only be established if a workmate accepts a connection from another worker employed by the same company. Real time conversations happen — another benefit of the social media that comes in different forms.

Any other person can state his or her own reason as to why social media has become powerful. But in the context of virtual connectivity, the above-mentioned reasons are what keeps or has created a market for social media.

Social media is as vast as the Internet, all one has to do is allow their dealerships, marketing, sales and support personnel  to be connected.

As the afterthought, it is free, right?



Yes, social media exists on the web and it can be created on any interface that is free. This must be one of the greatest reasons why social media has become popular if not powerful.