Today, I saved a marketing ‘blurb’ in Audio on the 18th Green at Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet Club in Orange County.

It was two firsts for me:

1) I was golfing (having a great time, and getting burned)

2) I created an audio blurb for marketing purposes to show off capabilities far, far away from any computer (except my iPhone).  While I was teeing off, hitting a ball out of bounds, and trying to locate it in the grass my Marketing Machine was busy uploading my audio podcast, setting it up for an RSS Feed, updating my website with a new post, updating Google with my new content, updating Twitter about my new post and finally, Linked In was notified and mentioned my new post for all of my contacts on Linked In.

Working so hard was never so much fun.

Check out the little audio below, and wait until the final second where you here the President of C & G Technologies soundly hit the ball very well!

Listen or Download