Social Media Tools: How To Choose And What To Look For 

Auto Marketing TypingVery seldom can you find a dealership which owns only one social media account. This is not a bad thing, in fact it is the trend in order to be able to keep up with the emergence of too many websites that promote online connectivity.

This is acceptable even within social networks as reflected by the various links present with each website. There are various tools that help individuals manage their multiple accounts and make more profit with it.

The key to all of it is to have the right social media management tool to manage your Auto Dealership accounts. Failure to keep up with everything else happening in and around the companies social profile can make or break your online connectivity. This eliminates the need to have to sign in individually and of course, it keeps tabs with all your accounts under one dashboard.  Much easier for management to review when necessary.

But before you choose which website to manage the multiple accounts, you have to have a list of requirements that has to be satisfied. This is important so that you will actually get to pick the best accounts manager.

Here are a few questions you might want to consider when selecting Social Media Tools for your Automotive Dealership.

1. Is Your Social Network Supported?

There would be no sense in downloading an application to manage your multiple accounts if your own social network is not supported. You have to check that it will be able to manage at least four social networking sites. There would be no point in using one if it can only manage one or two accounts, right?  Also, if check to see if it will support any you are interested in joining in the future.

2. Is It Readable?

You have to check if you actually like the format with which you will be reading updates of your multiple social networking accounts with. Though, there is very little difference among the top sites, the arrangement will affect your interest in the long run.

3. How Will You Get It?

There are some multiple accounts manager that need to be downloaded from the web while some can easily be accessed after connecting to the Internet. Because accessibility is key, you should take into consideration this feature before settling for one.  Often, if your dealership is owned by a corporation, you will need to check with your I.T. Manager about installing the software (unless it is web based only) on the marketing machines.

4. Is It Free?

Not all applications from the Internet come as a freebie, this includes social media tools too. Though almost every other application comes for free, you must first study its limitations. Because honestly sometimes, there are so many restrictions with a free application that it is even worst than not using one as well.  Consider the cost(s) involved as part of the marketing and sales budget(s).

5. Can It Deliver?

With the rise of social media, so did the number of online tools to manage them as well. One of the more important questions before choosing a social media manager is to understand just how much it can do for you. Without having to worry you, you must choose to associate all your accounts with a lone site that can do things for you and do so in more efficient manner.

Also, consider security when reviewing the tools.  If (somehow) a disgruntled employee or hacker got into all of your social accounts, the damage to your reputation could be very substantial.


Most Reviewed Top Social Media Tools:



Hootsuite is the top social media management tool that helps optimize multiple social networking accounts. It has a well-integrated system that helps monitor the activity that occurs within your site and even with the sites and links that you follow as well.

The advantage of from other social media management tool is that it actually supports a wider variety of social network websites. It also comes with a free trial before requesting users to pay for a fee.

And because does not need to be downloaded from the Internet, your computer will not be stripped of precious memory space as well. There are a lot of advantages that one can enjoy with and it is continuously becoming the top choice for people who want an effective manager for their social media accounts.

2. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is as famous as but it works more for an individual who has a large following in their Twitter account. A good thing about TweetDeck is that it is nicely organized and yet remains highly customizable. These are some features that come free with every download of Tweetdeck on your desktop.

But on the lowdown because TweetDeck needs to be downloaded from the Internet, it takes up a lot of your computer’s memory. Also, it has limited number of social networking accounts that it supports. But on the upside, TweetDeck is free to use for as long as you like.

3. Sprout Social
Sprout Social PricingSprout is a fairly low-cost social management tool available for your company to use.  Here are some comments from their website.  If you would like their present pricing, just click on the image to the left.

Sprout Social builds powerful, intuitive social media management tools used by thousands of businesses across the globe. We help businesses delight their audience and get real value from their social efforts.

Our web application integrates with Twitter, Facebook Fan Pages, LinkedIn and other networks where consumers are engaging with businesses and brands. In addition to communication tools, Sprout Social offers contact management, competitive insight, lead generation, reporting, analytics and more – all in a package that’s intuitive and easy to use.