Maintaining Your Dealer’s Social Media Status 


Facebook has been rallying with their million of critics, they have been evading the possibility of losing the top spot as a social network because they are ready to adjust, re-adjust and adapt to what the market wants. Your Dealership needs to be ready to do this as well for your site to keep the interest flowing.

Yes, you have new cars on the website ‘all the time’, however; you need to focus on strategic and tactical content in order to become more than ‘just a shill’ for the brand.  You MUST stand out for web-savvy customers to give you the all important ingredient to get the sales cycle into overdrive, TRUST.

You do not have to have a team of experts behind you, only the right moves in order to keep things in perspective.

1. Be Relevant

In order to sustain the interest towards your profile page, you must post, create updates or start conversations that are relevant to current issues. If you belong to a Pinterest page that caters to BMW’s, then you must engage into a conversation with someone belonging to the same group about BMW’s. Do not deviate from topic as you are still trying to establish a common ground.

If you have already progressed from mere members of the site, then maybe that will be the time that you can start talking about other things. Relevance is important in maintaining connectivity. You have to keep in mind that people follow your posts and once you begin showing disinterest in what was believed to be what you are interested in, people will stop tracking your activities.

Don’t just talk up the product line, or shout from the roof-tops how good your dealership is.  If you want to come across real, you have to be willing to admit to some of the ‘oops’ and explain what happened, your correction and what you intend to put into place to stop it from happening again.

Be honest.

2. Join A Community Or A Group

In order to subsist in social networking circles, you must also be willing to join a group. (This is especially true for your salespeople).

You can find a lot of communities online that has the same interests as you. Joining your account with such groups will help keep your account active. Not only that, you can get more exposure if you seek out the support of some people.

Groups can help promote your page: other people who may not know about you will get a chance to glimpse at your social page via your group. Another good thing about community groups in the Internet is that, it increases credibility. When people see that various groups or credible individuals have approved you, they will credit you for it. Thus helping in maintenance of your social network, which is more important if you want to be profitable more than friendly.

3. Create More Than One Account And With More Websites

This is important in order to be able to keep up with the trend. Not that you are anticipating closure of one website but creating more than one account has been proven beneficial because it reflects how socially “present” you can be.

This is important because there are certain applications that work best with a certain site. There is no monopoly of expertise with social networking and so in order to maximize the benefits, one should be ready to associate themselves with a more capable website to promote their site for them.

Mark Jordan - Crevier Cooper with BasketballTake for example image sharing – Pinterest is a great social networking site for it. The site is fast becoming a top site when it comes to image sharing and then it is better abled to distribute your images on a wider scale. Your picture can be better appreciated if launched from a platform that actually dominates the market.

Think about created really compelling content UNIQUE to both your brand and your Dealership.  Do you have something unique in and around y0ur area?  Beach, mountains, lakes, skyline – any and all of these can not only show off your product, but also create something UNIQUE which others will want to share – and push your brand profile far higher than other dealerships in your area.

An example of this are the INCREDIBLE pictures Professional Mark Jordan took of Crevier MINI’s cars for a special  he did on MINI Coopers.  The picture above is an example of this work.  If you would like to see more, check out his article here.

If you need help on this, don’t hesitate to contact Mike Anderle to discuss.

Facebook is not a great blogging site and so if this is how you want to be present on the web, then you must open an account with a website that caters to bloggers on a better note.

4. Be Attentive

Social media works because there is constant interaction so if you are really interested in keeping your friends or followers, you must never allow your social network to lose its spark. You can prevent this from happening by being attentive.

Be ready to post at least an update about things or simply reply to messages or queries. Do not keep liking every other posts by your closest supporters.

Sometimes, the wrong reaction can be costly, so just like in real life – know when or when not to react.  It will be obvious to someone that you have not paid attention if you ‘like’ something which doesn’t make sense with your professed beliefs.

5. Be Ready To Upgrade

There are some social networks that require people to upgrade into premium accounts in order to maximize some features. In any case, you must be able to do so if it is what you have to do to increase traffic and appeal to your website. This is especially true for accounts that are used for the dealership and marketing.

So if you have to do this in order to bring in the money, why not?

Social Connectivity does not only mean that you own a social networking account, it is even more than having more friends than your closest competitor. What actually matters is that your dealership is on the Internet, have enough people following you and will have them for the long run.

If you can suffice all three, then your dealership will forever be socially connected and relevant.