Followers and Likers: Why You Would Rather Have A Follower Who Likes You

When your Automotive Dealership wants more Social Interations.

The rules of engagement in developing relationships remain the same: may it be a physical one or a virtual relationship. Sometimes, affiliations that develop over the net often call for more attention that one that is nurtured with daily exposure.

One has to make an effort in being virtually present, this is the first step in drawing attention to your website. If you analyze the situation, the battle for social networking dominance applies for its users as well. Not that one wants to own the top profile or the most number of friends, but rather one creates a social page in order to be noticed.

Don’t Just Assign Someone The Task of Social Responsibility in your Dealership, Give Them the Time and Resources To Make It Work!

A social networking account can only be effective if one was able to find old acquaintances and developed a new one with another. In all honesty, it does not even depend on the who you are be creating ties with but mostly in having new people want to create a connection with you.

There are some rules in being an effective social page owner and it is worth understanding why with social networking sites, it is not about the quantity but rather with who actually stays and watches out for updates.

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1. Be Attractive

If you want attention then you must invest in your social profile. The great thing about the different forms of social media is that it understands the concept of beauty. Installed within each website, or profile is the technology of changing themes.

It can easily be understood that a recently created profile will still use the theme that comes with a recently created account but when a person does not even attach their own dealership photo, then people loses interest. It often creates the impression that the owner of the account does not even take time to build on an attractive page.


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2. Be Responsive

Whenever your site gets an attention, receives a question or gets a re-pin, try to reciprocate the act. Not that you have to follow every other follower but just be attentive with the activities occurring within your account.

If you posted a video on YouTube and an individual commented, as the uploader, you must be ready to provide a reply. Not that it is your responsibility but it reflects that not only are you willing to interact with other people but that you are actually a person behind an effective post (and an effective auto dealership).

In all honesty, one of the biggest doubts of social networking is the humanity behind it all. Because it is easy to create a profile, people want to make sure that you are not only interested in amassing a number of followers or friends (and pushing blatant sales ads) but that you are actually willing to create a relationship.


3. Be Respectful

If you get a criticism, accept it. Criticisms are easily given on the different social media. Even if you create an attractive page, you can still get stumped. This is one of the givens of the Internet, the power to say anything that you want to say.

Even under anonymity, you should be ready for whatever your page gets you. There are some people who are forced to close their social pages because of bad press or harassment. Sometimes, this is a better move than having to answer back.

You have to remember that your social network is not a way to make enemies but rather a way to build new relationships. Bad mouthing is never a good way of starting relationships.


4. Be Creative

Boring gets you nowhere with social pages, even if you have the most attractive profile picture if you do not know how to be creative, then people will start to un-follow you.

Here is a suggestion: Instead of simply posting pictures, create an animated gif in its place. Not only will it please your followers but also it will keep them visually satisfied.  However; do this rarely as we don’t want to go back to the days where it hurt to view a web page!

How To Easily Create Animated Gifs

If you are a blogger type of social person for your company, do not just write with extensive paragraphs. Break long paragraphs into shorter ones – this will not only make people understand your idea better but the mere sight of a bulky paragraph is too heavy. Shorter lines will be more enticing to read and this is a tactic that has worked for others, why not for your own?

Use images to depict the idea of your content or what you are trying to convey. Not only will it break monotony but can even help the reader imagine. You have to always take the place of the person you are trying to attract. If it takes longer than a minute to take it all in, then do something to shorten the apprehension. You have to remember, the Internet is full of information and people may just be after some entertainment.


5. Be Lawful

Not all people who visit your profile page likes you, or they may claim they do but they do not always have too. One of the easiest ways to gain more hate than love on the Internet is to claim images, ideas or concepts that are not really yours.

Blogging sites often allow people to re-blog other people’s files and it is easy to do so. There are always easy to click links that are meant to do so and then retain ownership to the original person who posted it. Do this and not only will people appreciate that you do the right thing but they may just like following you as well.

Following other people is often done in reciprocity and they may not actually care about your posts. These are the kind of traffic that can easily be lost because they do not have the conviction to spread the word about your site or your product. Therefore, they will only see your page and will not actually convert into anything good for your site.

One way to avoid all the hate is not to plagiarize, not to claim ownership for posts that are not really yours. Though the laws governing the Internet are vague, it does not mean that you can always win every time you cheat, right?

Just say ‘no’ and give credit where credit is due.


If you want to win with your social efforts at your dealership, you need to make sure you are trying to create FRIENDS.  If your idea is to use the efforts as a ‘push it out’ sales avenue, it is better to not even create a social profile.

Trust me, it will come back to harm your sales if you do.