Internet Marketing - Artificially Intelligent WebsitesDon’t Leave Your Office Without a good Backup

In this article I will discuss backing up your Artificially Intelligent Website.

Admittedly, backups not only lack sexiness (they aren’t capturing new business) they are usually a complete pain to accomplish as well.

WordPress is comprised a two very important areas which you need to be aware of when you backup information.  The first area is the content you write which is the HTML (text) you generally see on the pages and posts inside your website.

However; the pictures, images, plugins, themes and basically any multi-media assets you add to your website are not stored in the database.  So if the MySQL database is the only item backed up, you will be significantly short of a full restore if your server goes down.

iThemes and BackupBuddy

Fortunately, there is a plug-in you can use to capture all of your information from iThemes.

They have a product, BackupBuddy, which can be installed in your website and setup to not only backup your website, compress the files to one easier to manage file but also FTP that file off of your website to a different location to truly be assured you will not loose the incredible investment of time and effort.

While there are a few items you have to adjust to get the program running the effort is pretty small compared to the ongoing automated assistance and insurance against a total loss the software provides.

Take a look into the service, the cost of the program is a very minor amount compared to the risk of time and effort to rebuild your website and potentially lost opportunities if your website isn’t available.

If you have any questions about Artificially Intelligent Websites(tm) and backing them up, just drop me a comment below!