Internet Marketing - Artificially Intelligent WebsitesIn this article, I am going to discuss a couple of the basics about Search Engines and how to make sure your post can be found in Google within minutes of publishing.

Previously, I discussed creating a foundation on a Content Management System (WordPress) in order to both simplify building a website, and using the powerful authoring tools included.

One of the additional benefits which come with a good CMS, is the ability to add additional functionality others have made available (and tested) easily into your website.  We will use this capability to add a specific plugin below.

There are three components to think about when working to have a high-ranking page for a certain key phrase in Google:

1) Your Pages: Title, Filename, Content
2) Once published, your sitemap.xml file updated with Google and Bing (Yahoo) notified of the new update
3) Backlinks from websites (the higher ranked those are, the better) pointed back to your page(s).

The first two components you can work on easily, the last is a little more difficult to accomplish and I will save for another discussion later.

First, when you decide what the post / page is about, make sure you use the phrase customers would likely use to locate your content as part of your title, your filename (Permalink in WordPress) and at least for 1-2% of your content. (Check out my post on Google and ScribeSEO for more details)

Second, make sure that you have Google XML Sitemap Plugin installed and working correctly.  Here is a link to the Plugin website:

When you have implemented the tactics described above, the post / page has a substantially higher opportunity to be found by new clients and customers quicker and more often than before.

Unfortunately, in order to get really high Page Ranking, you have more effort ahead of you (find out more about how to get into Google here)

To truly get into the Organic Results (those results which are not Paid Per Click (PPC)) in an efficient way takes effort, knowledge, a little luck and good content.  There are many programs which you can subscribe to in an effort to shortcut the time and work needed to be in the top results with little effort on your side.  Many are highly questionable.

However; just be aware that Google makes their money on creating relevant results for their users.  If you decide to try and ‘game’ the system through your own, or other methods which are shady consider that you risk Google finding out about it, and purging your pages from their directory.

Hopefully, this overview and the links provided (especially go to the website for their indepth article on SEO) will move you forward with your search engine efforts.  If you have any questions or comments, just ask below!