Internet Marketing - Artificially Intelligent Websites An Artificially Intelligent Website is all about the Relationship

This final article about creating an Artificially Intelligent Website is focused on the relationship not the technology.

I wrote the following back in article #4:

When your website creates a compelling draw for prospects, you have a better chance of being ‘top of mind’ when they have a problem or opportunity you can solve. Furthermore, the prospect has become more comfortable with your company by learning valuable information in your field of expertise.  Hopefully, the prospect has learned they can trust your direction and has overcome some of the beginning sales issues when your brand is unknown and untried.

People don’t buy from websites

Remember always that people do not buy from websites, they buy from the company (or group) which created the website.  Your company is striving to become relevant to your prospects.  Relevance can be created in a multitude of ways, but one of the most compelling is to create a relationship with someone, first.

We buy from those we like.  The ability of your team to promote a relationship with a prospect and client through your website is one of the defining attributes of a successful implementation.  This is more important, actually, than what CMS you choose, hosting provider or even how successful your SEO has become.

If, at the end of the day, someone finds the website but comes away feeling that there is no relationship, you have lost that opportunity.


Certainly, one of the big opportunities to start creating a presence with your website is how it looks.  For those who are not aware, WordPress (and the other major content management systems) have themes or skins to change the look of your website to a professional look easily and (sometimes) cheaply or even free.

Remember, dress for success.

I talk more about themes and how to find them in my post on “Free WordPress Themes”.

It is about Character, Engagement and Value

First, create a compelling value for your client(s) to seek your website.  Are they looking for entertainment?  Information?  Tips & Tricks?  Give your readers value for their time and effort in order to engagement them more than a one-time fly by of your website.

The stats on the Simple Steps IT website at the time of this article are pretty compelling.   I have a 1.09% Bounce rate, a 6.92 Pages/Visit count and 52.17 % New Visits statistic.

Basically, it boils down to almost no one comes to my website and immediately leaves, they read almost 7 pages each time they come, and a little over half of all visitors are new to the website.

I discern that my effort to create compelling and useful articles are a huge reason for these statistics (taken from Google Analytics on October 24, 2010).

When a person finishes reading almost 7 articles, they will pretty much know where I stand on technology and marketing (most likely).  They have listened to my side of the conversation and have gotten to know me through my writing.

If we should meet (to move forward with a project) there will be no need for me to explain much of anything, which shortens my sales cycle and the ability to create rapport has been greatly enhanced.

Finally – Make Sure they can Contact You

At the end of the day, you need to drive more business.  Make sure you look through your website and that you have not created a difficult process to contact you.  I realize it seems obvious, but I would rather waste a few words at the end of this article than just one of you making that mistake!

This Is It

Well, this is it.  This is the last article in our series on creating an Artificially Intelligent Website.  By now, you should know all of the basic components which you need to review and implement in order to move your marketing forward automatically.

If you should have any questions, please contact me (see Contact Us page at the top!) and I am always happy to talk.
Best Regards,

Michael T. Anderle

October 24, 2010