One of the dynamics of becoming ‘well known’ in a particular field (ok, a guru) has been the ability to say you are an author and have a book for sale.

One of the methods to accomplish this is through the company, Lulu.  It might not be as effective as from one of the major publishers, but it stands above offering a PDF on your website.

Now, Lulu has made the process to get published to arguably the hottest new tech device (iPad) incredibly easy.

Apple has approved Lulu as an aggregator of content for the iBookstore.  Through their services, you can submit your work in a PDF format and they will handle (just about) everything else you need to submit to Apple.

There are a few potential issues if you are going to publish in non-digital form, and depending on when you submit your book (ePub only formats) you could have it done for free.  See the FAQ on Lulu’s site.

So, think about it.  You can pretty easily create a book and become an author with just your time and very little money.  What will it do to your relevance in the future?  Maybe nothing, maybe you just might get on Oprah.