Android passes up iPhone, do most people care?

Ok, raise your hand if you care that for the last quarter, smartphones with the Android operating system passed up Apple’s iPhone sales?

Ok, if you are a person in technology, lower your hands.  How many of you are still left?

I wish I could count, and find out the number.

While I have been very happy with my Apple “ecosystem” of technology for the past two (2) years, I can’t say that I fear new products coming to market via Google’s release of the Android operating system.  I am a firm believer that we will get better products from Apple with someone, anyone (and now there is a PACK of someone’s) breathing down their neck.

I mentioned last week I wish Microsoft had a better smartphone product, I would love a 3 way fight.  However; for now it seems to be those manufacturers with Android in their phones in one corner  and Apple in the other corner coming to blows.

Rim, meanwhile is silently the quarters sales winner, not that you would know (or care) too much about their products it seems.  In fact, Goldmann Sachs went so far as to say “In our view, RIM failed to deliver the kind of quantum leap it needed to fend off the competitive threats from Apple and Android.”

Great, they sell more than everyone, but receive little respect.  This is not the kind of press RIM needs to move the momentum and press for their smartphone products.

Picking the right smartphone technology for your business

Considering these wonderful revelations, I would look at the two main solutions (Apple and Android) for myself and anyone I consult with.  If you are already in a large Enterprise who uses Blackberry Server, I imagine your choices are a little more limited.  Hopefully, the Rim Torch is ‘good enough’ to allow you not to be too envious of your colleagues.

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