I just had a conversation with Mike Sibbio who has worked with a few large companies (Wilson Sports and Nike for example) and is working to create a website for musicians (more when it comes online, I don’t want to give anything away for him!)

I asked him a question regarding what people are looking for in a website, and I thought I might share with you his opinions and give you something to think about.

His first rule is that the website be very easy to find.  However; he qualified the statement to say it was easy to find in your region (for example, Orange County where I live, or your local area) or for your Niche.  Specifically, he thinks if you aren’t in the top 10, you are substantially at a disadvantage.

He further discusses the niche concept by explaining do you know what your customer is thinking or saying when they are looking for you?  If you cannot articulate that in 60 seconds, you don’t know.  Do some grass roots research (ask people!) and find out.

Actually, that is what I was doing when Mike went off on a tangent!

His second rule was what happens when I get there?  What am I thinking when I hit your home page, and is at least 60% of your homepage devoted to giving me my answer?  Does your homepage hit me ‘POW!’ and draw me in to that subject to keep me there?

He mentioned that it could be regionally specific.  For example, he has a small exercise product which he has sold internationally and gave the example “What are my customers from India thinking when they get to my website?”

So, think about breaking down your customers into groups (if you can) and see if you might need to change your message in some way.

The third rule Mike mentioned (and I’m sure these rules can be found elsewhere and maybe in a different order, it is ok) is to work on your Navigation.

Your navigation should be easy to understand, easy to locate, and your client should never be more than 2 clicks from anything in your website.

If you have a very diverse group of products and information on your website, consider how you might offer different ways to locate the content.  Consider different ‘zones’ to your website, so that you can quickly funnel clients / customers to the right area (the area they are interested in) so that they are not becoming frustrated and just click off of your website.

Does this help?  I hope so, if you have a few rules, drop me an email at mAnderle@simpleStepsIT.com and share them!