Ok, so how does HP purchasing Palm make our headlines this week?

I believe it creates a triangle of titans out to fight each other.

With HP purchasing Palm (who has the WEBOS and the Palm Pre phone), we now have 3 titans who not only have invested in creating and selling hardware, but they have the software to integrate with their products as well.

In one corner of this triangle, we have Apple with the iPhone and iPad. In the second corner we have Google with their Android OS for mobile devices and Chrome OS (the Nexus One phone and soon to be released Android slate computers).  The third corner is now occupied with HP their Slate computer and Palm Pre smart phone and WEBOS operating system.

Where oh where is Microsoft now?  Apparently M.I.A.   I know they have the Windows Phone 7 Series coming out… soon?  However, they are not a hardware manufacturer (which has served them well in the past) so they do not have hardware products (excluding mice and keyboards etc.).   HP makes products (like the slate mentioned before) and many of the new slate type of computers will run a version of Windows or Android.

One can argue Google is not a hardware manufacturer either, that the Nexus One was a “This is how you do it!” product.  Considering their lack of Nexus One sales and that Droid was recently selected by Verizon as their Android phone of choice, I won’t argue this assertion.

So, as sales and marketing professionals, it looks like we are going to start ‘taking sides’ like we have not had to do in a long time.

Will you go Apple, with their iPhone, iPad, Mac selection?

Will you go Google, with the Android Phone and Tablet (and if you want to stay ‘in the fold’, you can run Linux on a desktop)?

Will you go HP, with their Palm Pre, Slate Computer and (insert PC Choice here)?

Interesting times ahead, that is for sure.  Presently, Apple has the lead in integration and presumably will be able to continue with a first class experience using all three devices they sell.  Android (especially the Nexus One) has many in the tech field proclaiming how wonderful the Android OS is.

The Palm WEBOS had many tech people happy with the capabilities, however; the Pre has been slapped around for a hardware quality concerns (the phone didn’t feel like it was ‘quality’ product to many reviewers) and the lack of software selection on the platform.  Hopefully, with HP behind the product, developers will feel more confident spending time programming and releasing new software.

Personally, I have Apple products (my 3G should be in the mail as I write this) in order to sell my services.  However; I have been with Microsoft products (O/S, programming languages, Database systems etc.) for over 20 years and I am willing to work with whoever has the BEST experience for me.  Best means that I work more, and worry about issues such as connectivity, virus issues, backup concerns and ease of use less.

For now, that is Apple.  However, I am curious what the future is going to bring…

How about you?  Do you have a planned ‘platform’ you are going to go with?